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 Factory direct sale
Manufacturer directly face the account sales and service

Better customer purchase price, the customer don't have to pay for layers of agents.
Quality more secure, manufacturer brand reputation guarantee; Better after-sales service, direct communication problems.

High efficiency and energy saving

National level of energy efficiency, the GC energy-saving certification, national first-level level of energy efficiency, make China the most energy-efficient screw air compressor

 Leading technology
Configuration is better, better using experience, energy-saving effect is more outstanding

The company on the basis of the original technology, continuously developing new processes or products, has applied for a number of invention patent, can make the enterprise has been walking in the front of the industry, is the new air compressor industry technology leader.

 Quality assurance
ISO9001 international quality system certification, CE safety standards certification in the European Union

Product quality has reached the international first-class level, some products have been exported in southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market

 After-sale protection
Have maintenance services in more

Company high-quality after-sales service is the cornerstone of enterprise development, aston compressor co., LTD., to provide you with the best air compressor system solutions!

Introduction to asidun compressor co., LTDMORE +

Into the asidun

         ASidun compressor Co.,Ltd is a medium and large-sized enterprise specialized in research, development and production of air compressors. By virtue of fruitful technological strength and advanced and complete production and testing equipments, this company pursues enterprise tenet “Achieve high quality with conscientiousness and create a centennial brand with quality” , strictly performs the commitment “be the most energy-efficient screw air compressor” , continuously seeks for sustainable improvement of products, process and system, and increasingly improves product properties, quality and reliability so as to make out R & D and manufacturing capacity step onto a new stair in manufacturing technology of air compressor. Our product quality has reached internally first-class level, and some products have been exported to and supported Southeast Asia and European and American markets.

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